Are you thinking about a computer, or a set of computers, for your home or home office? Maybe you'd like:
  • A single unit for family activities

  • One for each of the kid's rooms for
    homework and games

  • One for your study to pay bills and
    check the stock market

  • A kitchen unit for quick recipe
    reference and emergency numbers

How do you get started? How do you know which computer to buy? What about accessories like a scanner, a printer? How do I assemble it all? And what's this "Internet" thing everyone's talking about? Who can you call? The Computer Guy, that's who!

The Computer Guy can offer you:

  • Cost-effective analysis for your home computing needs

  • Just a phone-call away for quick servicing

  • A network for your systems

  • Creative Internet connections

  • Design, purchase, and install the proper software you'll need

  • Train everyone on how easy it is to use your system

We can analyze your current office situation and
suggest and design for you:
  • The best possible use of the current technology available

  • An information system that is in-line with the needs of your company... now and for the future

  • The proper computer network to help make your office more cost-efficient in coordinating projects while saving time and employee hours

  • We'll help you determine what programs you truly need. We'll design and set up the programs for you

  • A training program for you and your employees.

  • We'll be available to troubleshoot and amend your programs, as your business needs increase.

The Computer Guy will review with you your home and
office requirements and can install the programs including:
  • Microsoft Programs

  • Microsoft Operating Systems

  • Accounting Systems

  • Database Programs

  • DSL, Cable Modem Dial-Up, or Sharing Networks

  • Networks - Wired, Wireless or any combination

The Computer Guy will be there to install it, make sure it runs properly, and make sure your staff not only understands how to use it, but to use it to their advantage.

For home or office use, The Computer Guy will help you create the network best suited for your needs. With it you can share essential information among multiple users, connect to the Internet, and communicate with peripheral devices like your printers and scanners.

The Computer Guy will:
Define and design a system that meets your needs:

  • Make considerations for future expansion

  • Help protect your system against potential problems and viruses

  • Institute a routine maintenance program.


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