Call "The Computer Guy"!

The Computer Guy? Yes, The Computer Guy!

What? No fancy, scientific, hi-tech name? No, we don't need one. We're a down to earth, hands-on company dedicated to computer technology and how it can help you!

We wanted an easy name for you to remember. And why not?
When you're in need of help in an instant, don't you call:
The Doctor?
The Dentist?
The Plumber?
The Mechanic?
The Yard Man?

When you say these names you know exactly who you're referring to; and, most importantly, they are names you can trust.

It should be the same with your computer. Simply call, "The Computer Guy"!


Call The
Computer Guy For:

• Personal Computer

• Home/Family

• Home Office

• Small Business

• Network Wiring

• Internet Connections

• Customized Systems

• Software Selection & Installation

• Service (Maintenance)

• Training


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